The Pitch USA offers research-based Pitching Training and Instruction in the Myrtle Beach area.

Individual and group pitching instruction now available for all levels of ability. For the competitive pitcher we have pre-season conditioning, in-season maintenance programs and off-season training programs available.

What Sets Us Apart

  • We believe that arm care is full body care
  • We believe in establishing efficient movement patterns at an early age
  • We believe in deliberate measurable practice
  • We believe in eliminating the pain and removing the dysfunction
  • We believe that adding energy to poor movement patterns is a recipe for disaster
  • We believe in targeted functional strength, flexibility, & stability training
  • We believe that velocity equals opportunity

We work with serious players (of all ages) and their parents who understand that player development is a process that requires a well thought out plan.

  • We individualize instruction
  • We identify major constraints
  • We identify and train physical movement patterns
  • We enhance performance while reducing injuries
  • We teach, educate & challenge pitchers
Pitching Training and Instruction

Ready to take your game to the elite level?  Our Premier Velocity Program is an off-season conditioning and throwing program for the serious ballplayer.  Click here to find out more about this safe, multi-faceted program for baseball and softball players of all ages.

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Research-based training and lessons to improve your pitching.

Pitching Instruction


Improve your hitting with research-based training and lessons.

Hitting Instruction


State-of-the-art indoor training facility to take your game to another level.

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