The Pitch USA also offers Hitting Training and Instruction in the Myrtle Beach area that is based on the newest research and designed to maximize your hitting abilities.

We have experience with those just beginning in baseball as well as the more experienced player. We provide a step-by-step progression for the development of effective movement patterns that build a mechanically sound swing path. As the player advances with these techniques; more advanced situational hitting is presented that prepares the hitter for game-like team play.

Other Instructions

We also offer catching, infield and outfield lessons and training.  Our coaches are experienced in all aspects of the game. We improve the physical and mental skills necessary for successful performance.

Ready to take your game to the elite level?  Our Premier Velocity Program is an off-season conditioning and throwing program for the serious ballplayer.  Click here to find out more about this safe, multi-faceted program for baseball and softball players of all ages.

Hitting Training and Instruction

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Research-based training and lessons to improve your pitching.

Pitching Instruction


Improve your hitting with research-based training and lessons.

Hitting Instruction


State-of-the-art indoor training facility to take your game to another level.

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