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We work with players of all ages, from youth to elite collegiate and professional player.

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First seek an evaluation from a medical professional who is experienced with the sports injuries. Upon being given the “go-ahead” to begin throwing that’s when we will get involved. We will perform and to identify physical constraints and inefficient movement patterns and design a program to meet his specific needs.

Absolutely! Typically, after completing physical therapy, players are given a “return to throwing program”. That’s when we get involved. We train & condition the throwing athlete and identify and correct those movement patterns that may have played a part in the injury.

Yes! We will design an individualized program to meet your specific needs.

Competing year round is a risk factor for injury. The throwing arm needs time to rest and recover. Taking time off to condition and train is very beneficial for player development. Let us design an off-season conditioning program that will prepare him to meet the demands for the upcoming season.

Yes! Being a former Major League pitcher, Coach Kinney has the playing experience and can relate the finer points of pitching to young prospect.

Yes! Observing players in game situations is vital for the instructor/player relationship. Many instructors only see their clients in their facility and never in action. We are available to attend games, and evaluate game performances. Specific problem areas can be addressed during future lessons.

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